Learn Spanish with Rich Audiobook

Our series of Learn Spanish with Rich recordings teach anyone the rapid way to learn Spanish. Making use of memorization methods and cognate conversion tricks to help you learn Spanish easily and rapidly. If you can speak English then let me introduce you to these methods and tricks that will teach you how to speak the Spanish language easily from quickly converting the 50%+ of English which has a shared history with Spanish.

Taught Spanish by Language Experts

I thought I was terrible at foreign languages, having failed French at school, but I became a fluent (or close to) Spanish speaker in my thirties. Let me show you how I achieved this. I will show you how to recognise the Latin root words in English (over 50% of English comes from Latin) and make them Spanish (almost entirely Latin root) using some simple conversion tricks. I learnt these in combination with learning the most common verbs, employing memory tricks and logic, I became fluent using this method. Let me show you how, and guide you on your own journey to speaking Spanish!

Communicate with People in Spanish

Learning Spanish allows you to communicate with a huge portion of the world. After English, Spanish is the most widely spoken European language. Using the cognate conversion tricks allows you to rapidly start communicating in Spanish. If you already speak English then Spanish is an easy language to learn. I`ve been treated better and more warmly from being able to commuincate in Spanish enriching my journies throughout Latin America and Spain.

The Spanish speakers I spoke to genuinely wanted the conversation to continue so they always did their best to communicate, correcting minor errors, politely by working the correct pronunciation into their response.

Video of Rich teaching a Cognate Conversion Trick

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Richard is a very good teacher. In the two weeks of class time, I feel like I can actually communicate to shopkeepers and in restaurants. I also have a solid base to transfer that knowledge and learn a lot more words. I highly recommend Richards class.
Jamie Wallace Barnett

I found Rich to be a great teacher. He uses music and roll playing to help you remember and practice what you are learning. He was very patient with me and my short term memory loss. I will be going back to learn more.

Patty Calhoun DuPont
Person who is very patient no matter what level you are at and genuinely cares about giving you the best learning experience possible. Definitely knows his stuff. I’ve learned more useful Spanish in the last month with him than in the last five just trying myself. Thanks Rich.
Keegan Lifeson