Teaching Spanish poster for audio course and lessons Orgiva in Spain. Immersion classes also available

Teaching Spanish poster for audio course and lessons Orgiva in Spain. Immersion classes also available

Course Overview

This course will rapidly take you from beginners Spanish up to an intermediate level using the easiest and fastest methods that I discovered on my own personal language learning journey,

I learnt some cognate conversion tricks that rapidly expanded my Spanish vocabulary as well as learning some rapid techniques for grammar tenses that are most commonly used.

I will show you the present tense plus the easiest past and future tenses and how you rapidly form the grammar for these tenses.

I’ve taught both English and Spanish for several years. Using many of these tricks for both my sets of students.

You can find links to the first couple of tracks of the audio course and you will see for yourself how effective my techniques are for you.

Spanish teacher Rich on Mexican beach with pet dog Chaparra

Spanish teacher Rich on Mexican beach with pet dog Chaparra

About the Author. his Personal Development that resulted in this Audio Series & Course

I, against my personal expectations, became a fluent Spanish speaker as an adult. I learnt to speak Spanish in my 30`s as an adult language learner whilst I was working as an English language teacher.

I studied several language learning methods on my language learning journey (most of the methods I studied were of little use to me) and I feel I discovered the best most rapid techniques that took me to fluently speaking Spanish with ease and I want to teach other English speakers (especially those that experienced language learning similar to my own) these techniques that rapidly took me to fluency (or at least communicating at a high level). Let me guide you down the path to rapidly speaking Spanish with ease and joy.

I studied French for several years at secondary state school in the UK and even with a private tutor  I was in bottom set French and I still only achieved a D grade in my G.C,S.E (G.C.S.E`s are the qualifications all British teenagers typically take at age 16). I studied French for nearly 10 years and I don`t speak French whereas I achieved a decent level in Spanish, approaching fluency within a couple of years of studying off my own back. Since I`ve become a language teacher I’ve realized that most of the language teachers I`d had in my life, were crap at their jobs, and they didn’t truly understand how to teach a language.

I`ve found Spanish to be a very useful language to me and has even allowed me to partially understand Portuguese, Latin and Italian – especially in a written form. I’ve been able to travel and communicate with a huge amount of people. Essentially its the `most common language from México south – Latin America – a breathtakingly beautiful and politically and historically very interesting part of the world. After English and Chinese, Spanish is the 3rd most widely spoken language on the planet.

As someone who is an experienced language teacher but struggled to learn a foreign language at school in Canada and the U.K. I grew up believing that I wasn`t able to learn another language and I was shocked at how easily I learnt Spanish using certain techniques. I feel that my current life mission is to teach Spanish to other English speakers, especially those who have had a similar language learning experience to me and perhaps hold similar beliefs to those I did – e.g. learning a foreign language is difficult.

I want to show people how easily, they too, can learn another language.

I will provide you with lessons and skills to rapidly achieve an intermediate level in Spanish. I`m confident that I can take ANYONE to this level.

Audio lessons Series

I’ve created Spanish lessons audio recordings made up from the techniques I found most useful in rapidly learning Spanish. I honed these techniques through live lessons teaching both English and Spanish. I witnessed my students going from not speaking a language to achieving a decent level, often rapidly.

Purchase this audio course here:

Check out my YouTube videos as a free trial, so you can see for yourself my teaching style

Free trial

I’ve decided to show the world how easily they can learn  Spanish and showcase my techniques through a free trial of my audio series. If you hold similar beliefs to those I did (that I was crap at languages/learning a foreign language is difficult) let me challenge those beliefs and show you they are incorrect beliefs. YOU can learn another language!

Paid Course

If you liked the free trial and feel you would benefit from learning Spanish through Rich`s teaching style then please sign up to the paid course, you`ll be so proud of yourself, amazed at the techniques and so grateful that you did.

I have a different teaching style to most teachers but it is  very effective – and works on everyone, just add real life!