Podcast, lesson one

Welcome to my series of podcasts / radio show recordings, so wherever you are in the world you have the chance to reach fluency quickly and easy,

So just relax and listen!

I host classes at my home in Las Alpujarras near Granada, Spain. For those more dedicated students I also rent out rooms and provide immersion. Please contact me for more information about renting a room.

I learnt as an adult, gaining fluency in  my 30s, a time of life notoriously difficult to learn another language, but through cognates and easy to remember grammar lessons I made the journey to fluency… quite rapidly!

I will show you the techniques and methods I found useful on this journey. I made the most persona progress through styles of teaching such as Michele Thomas and Paul Noble. I have updated my classes to reflect this style of teaching. Please listen to the podcasts to get an idea of my teaching style. The first few episodes are free, so there really is no reason to not study!

To listen to the podcast please visit https://learnspanishwithrich.com/course/podcast-lesson-1/