Welcome to the Learn Spanish website. I am a language teacher with a different style to what you may have experienced before.

Spanish is a useful language to learn, after English it is the most widely spoken European language on the planet.

For English speakers, due to its Latin roots, learning Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn, if taught using the right techniques and method.

Unfortunately many teachers make the process difficult by not using the easy methods, ruining the language learning journey of their students. Due to the shared history that English and Spanish have, there are many cognates. I make use of quick conversion tricks to aid adult learners. Please download this datasheet of the cognate conversion tricks to help you to rapidly expand your vocabulary,

My travel experiences have been fantastic since I learnt Spanish. I`m able to visit some of the most amazing and beautiful countries on the planet and talk to people in their own language. I’m sure I’ve gotten preferential treatment at times for being able to speak Spanish.

Rich walking pet dog chaparra on beach, San Pancho, Mèxico near Puerto Vallarta
Rich walking pet dog chaparra on beach, San Pancho, Mèxico

My teaching makes use of cognate conversion tricks which uses simple pronunciation and spelling changes to convert English latin root words to Spanish!

Cognate Conversion Trick Example;

Such as words ending in ….ent or …ant become …ente or …ante in Spanish. Therefore; diferente, importante, elefante, presidente, and so on. I combine these conversion tricks with simple grammar alongside simple memory tricks to rapidly teach the language.

Download Cognate Conversion Tricks sheet

See a free sample of Rich’s teaching style with these videos (he´s released a series of audio classes)

Audio classes and skype lessons or live lessons in Òrgiva, Spain

I teach live lessons in Òrgiva. Spain and to the whole world by skype alongside posts in my facebook groups for the purchasers of my audio classes. Find out more about these live classes here

To view my audio recordings (and experience some of my teaching style) series please go to Audio Recordings of Learn Spanish with Rich For live lessons please contact me directly and to try my teaching style watch me on YouTube.

I recommend listening tp the my audio class series which is free to start although there is a charge to finish the course. You can view or listen to these recordings of my lessons here..

Richard-Teaching at a University in Mèxico

Teachers Teaching and Spanish background

I am a qualified English teacher by TESOL TEFL which I studied and obtained early language teaching experience at a school in Màlaga. Spain. I had previously studied and become qualified in the UK as an adult education teacher it was through this that I obtained a city and guilds qualification in adult education. I had previously obtained a BA, bachelor of the arts, in Communication and design.

I lived and worked for several years in Mèxico including at a university and language schools and institutes . I was learning the Spanish language for myself at the beginning. It was as a part of this personal language journey that I became an experienced Spanish speaker and an expert in teaching the quick and low stress way to learn English and Spanish I went from being an English teacher to become a Spanish language teacher. I’ve lived in Perù, Guatemala and Mèxico and Spain. I currently live in Òrgiva in Las Alpujarras, near Granada and Motril in southern Spain. Not far from Màlaga (for cheap flights).

Spanish Classes in Òrgiva, Spain. Podcasts for the whole world!

I teach live lessons in Òrgiva. Spain and to the whole world by recordings and internet. Find out more about these live classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, by contacting me.

or visit my Learn Spanish audio here Check out my teaching style on YouTube you will get to experience my teaching style for free, and you can decide from that whether you think that it’s something that you would benefit from. Theserecordings are great for wherever you live (or want to travel to) in the Spanish speaking world.

Accommodation with a language teacher in Spain

I have some bedrooms I rent out. Free attendance to any Spanish/English classes that happen to be running at he same time are included as part of the fees. My place is really very lovely with a Swimming pool, and beautiful natural surroundings and it`s walking distance to the town centre. Check out the photo gallery and reviews on Google, Facebook and Airbnb!