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I became a fluent speaker of Spanish in my thirties, against my expectations. I now teach Spanish and developed my method based on my personal language learning experience and that I saw my students undergoing.

I planned and recorded my method as MP3s that anyone can download. These recordings have been found to be very effective. I teach using certain skills learnt as a adult education teacher and languages professor combined with including Cognate Conversion and other language hacks that helped me to rapidly gain fluency (or something close to it) in Spanish; something I never thought I would do.

This is the motive behind my classes. immersion and recordings. I want to show you how easy it is, After failing French at G.C.S.E level (end of compulsory U.K schooling) I’m the least likely candidate to become a fluent second language learner, yet I did.

I picked up some tips, tricks and techniques that made the process rapid, easy and painless. I’d always assumed that the fault was mine but I’ve now realized it was the techniques being used.

Check out my videos and enter your email for the cognate conversion tricks pdf file to begin to get an idea of how easy my method is.

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Let me take you on a journey to rapidly achieve fluency

Spanish teacher Rich on Mexican beach with pet dog Chaparra

Spanish teacher Rich in Mexico

I´ve lived for more than 7 years in Spanish speaking countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and now Spain. I’ve also experienced living in several English speaking countries including Canada and England and stayed in Scotland, Wales, South Africa and Ireland for extended periods too.

This has given a wide perspective of both English and Spanish languages and how these have evolved alongside their cultures and histories.

Rich in his office at his old place of employment as a English professor- at a University in México

Rich as an English Professor- at a University in México

Audio Series